Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Well my first attempts at this failed miserably, so I've decided to restructure this from the beginning again. I'll be replacing all the old posts gradually over the next few weeks (updated and made even better!).

A quick explanation of who I am and what this blog is:

Hi, I'm Charley. I'm a 23 year old final-year Masters student studying Archaeological Computing, specifically the areas of Virtual Pasts. While the main focus of my degree is on 3D modelling and computer animation, using programs such as AutoCAD and 3DS Max, my course also covers Geographical Information Systems (GIS), website and blog design and management (using both HTML5/CSS3 and content management systems such as WordPress), databases (both MS Access and XML) and theoretical applications of all of the above!

I've completed a few projects so far (again these posts will be restored as soon as I can) and I'm working on organising my dissertation (which is very exciting but I won't share it with you until it's finalised!) and am currently using the software running on my own XAMMP server to create a blog/website, details of which I will share later!

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