Monday, 7 May 2012

Introducing Building 77

So I'm finally getting to grips with 3DS Max and am working on an exciting new project - recreating a building from the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük, Turkey. 

I'm working from information found on the online Çatalhöyük database, mostly photographs and measurements although I was very glad to find a floor plan on one of their research publications which meant creating the layout much easier!

After much drama, I thought I'd share with you my first, blocked out version of the house.

Site photograph

First render

It looks a little weird due to the camera lens I'm having to use due to the small space in the building, and there is a *lot* of modelling to do before I can start working on the materials. 

One of the main issues I had was with the large niche in the north (back) wall as for some strange reason light was sneaking in through the walls. How, I'm still not entirely sure but after welding some vertices together I (with the help of one of the graphic artists!) managed to contain it. This is especially important as the only light source for the building is going to be natural daylight coming in through the 'doorway', which is in the ceiling! 

With this project I am aiming to create a photo-realistic reconstruction of the building and I intend on using the finished model for my dissertation. 

So lots to do! 

Check back for further updates :-D 

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