Thursday, 24 May 2012

Titanic Telegraph in 3D

I completed my first proper 3D project in May 2011. This is a short post showcasing the work I did in AutoCAD reconstructing one of the telegraphs from the bridge.

I didn't have much to work with. A few photographs like the one below and some dodgy measurements from a website that disappeared mid-way through me working on this!

But using this and my beginner 3D modelling skills I managed to create something I was actually quite pleased with.

This is the overall view of the telegraph, rendered using some basic AutoCAD materials and with a lot of guesswork as to what it would have actually looked like. (Photographs from the Father Brown collection were invaluable, though black-and-white!).

The most difficult section was the inside workings of the telegraph. Below is a comparison between one of the photographs I worked from, and my finished version:

I had to make a lot of assumptions when modelling this, and there are sections missing due to the fact I was working from damaged images. I would dearly have liked to recreate one from a working version, and perhaps if I have time I'd come back to this and model extra bits, like the face (which is missing - there would have been a cover separating the workings from the arrow).  

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